Concrete History and Facts

oncrete is a powerful substance that holds together much of our residential and commercial building. Here are a few facts about concrete and how it works to make your home a living palace.

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Concrete has been used for many years to enhance Minnesota homes. Driveways, steps, patios and walkways are just some of the concrete options available to Minneapolis property owners. A concrete patio can provide you with many years of enjoyment. It can be a place of relaxation or social gatherings with a table and chairs. And the great thing about a concrete patio is that it will very rarely require any concrete repair. After years of use, it may require concrete resurfacing to bring back that old shine. Concrete contractors are available to help you with any concrete repair you may need.

Concrete driveways can be an important investment as this is the gateway to your home. A broken down asphalt or concrete driveway can cause many headaches when trying to use a snow blower during the winter in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nobody wants a muddy driveway every time it rains. This mud can then be tracked into your home by you, your kids or your visitors. MN Concrete contractors can give you an estimate on the price of a concrete driveway. If you need concrete resurfacing or a simple concrete repair on your concrete driveway, concrete contractors will be able to help you with this project.

You may want to enhance your Minneapolis/St. Paul MN property in an artistic format by adding stamped or stained concrete. This adds a bit of flair to your concrete patio, driveway, walkway, steps, garage floor or more. There are many different designs and colors to choose from and concrete contractors will work with you to ensure the scheme you wish to have implemented gets installed correctly.

Concrete steps in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area have many added benefits over wood or other types of material. Wood can rot, become waterlogged and sink and attracts many unwanted insects. Concrete is completely waterproof and when properly installed it will last for many years with little to no maintenance. For sturdiness and reliability, you should consider concrete steps for your home.

This may be a surprise to some people but concrete and cement are not the same thing. Cement is kind of like the glue that holds all the ingredients in concrete together. A basic concrete mix consists of three components: cement, water and aggregates, which are usually rock and sand. Concrete contractors will mix all this together and pour it into the frame of your new concrete patio, concrete driveway, concrete walkway or steps.

Some benefits of concrete are that it can be waterproof, resistant to freezing and thawing, resistant to deicing and cleaning chemicals, resistant to wear and constant use and strength. These qualities are what concrete contractors try to achieve when mixing concrete for a concrete patio or other project. Concrete repair is rarely needed but occasionally if the concrete has been used by extremely heavy objects or vehicles, cracking and chipping may occur. Concrete repair may be able to be fixed with a simple patchwork but other cases may need a complete concrete resurfacing. Over time concrete can crack and break due to the earth shifting and other weather-related situations. In these cases concrete contractors will generally have to enact a concrete repair or a concrete resurfacing to bring the concrete patio or concrete driveway back up to full strength.

If you wish to add extra strength to your concrete mix, you can add wire mesh or fibers to enhance the strength and quality of the concrete. Fibers are most effective. When small cracks begin to appear, the fibers block the cracks from continuing any further and in most cases can eliminate any problem right there. Concrete contractors also use accelerants at times to speed up the drying time of concrete or retardants to slow down the drying time of concrete. These are generally used depending on the weather conditions when the concrete mix is being mixed.

So, as you can see, concrete is used to strengthen and increase the life of your home. A concrete patio, driveway, walkway, garage or shed floor, steps or other projects can all be improved by concrete. And, although it’s rare for concrete to need repair, concrete contractors are available for concrete repair and concrete resurfacing if you should need their services.

2 Types of Concrete: Light and Heavy

Many have heard more than once that, in addition to the usual classification by grades and classes, concrete is also endowed with a “degree of severity”. We will try to determine what light and heavy concrete are, and what are their fundamental differences.

Basic Concepts

Lightweight concrete is considered to be a building concrete mixture made of water,Guest Posting cement, sand and large porous aggregates. Due to the relatively low density, such a building material has a specific gravity of one “cube” of less than 1.8 tons. When it comes to lightweight concrete, it is worth understanding by this concept slag concrete and expanded clay concrete. Also, the category of lightweight concrete includes high-molecular products: aerated concrete, foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, and even polymer concrete. Lightweight concrete is distinguished not only by its excellent heat-generating properties and excellent porosity, but also by its most important advantage – its insignificant weight.

In turn, heavy concrete is a concrete mixture of the same cement and water. Only large (gravel, granite, limestone, diabase) and small aggregates are used in it, which significantly increases the density of the material. This allows you to achieve a specific gravity of one cube from 1.8 to 2.5 tons. At the same time, sand concrete or fine-grained concrete will be called a type of heavy concrete, where a mixture of large and small fractions of sand is used as aggregate. Some types of heavy concrete have a specific gravity of 1 cubic meter. up to 7 tons. Such concretes are called especially heavy, applying for the construction of buildings and buildings of an increased level of responsibility: nuclear reactors, nuclear power plants, etc. High density in particularly heavy concrete is achieved through the use of high molecular weight substances such as barite, hematite, magnetite, and metal scrap as fillers.

Application Area

Monolithic slabs of lightweight concrete are used to create ceramsite concrete floors, as well as in the construction of lower floors of buildings without basements. The use of such materials makes it possible to reduce heat loss in the room, significantly saving in the future on high-quality and inexpensive heating of the building. It is for this reason that lightweight concrete products are also used for attic floors. Due to the low weight of concrete products, lightweight concrete is used for monolithic high-rise buildings. At the same time, one does not have to worry about the strength of buildings – it is provided by reinforcement located in the reinforced concrete frame.

Lightweight concrete is used in the manufacture of building envelopes, as well as such masonry wall materials as expanded clay concrete, slag concrete, foam concrete and aerated concrete products. However, the reduced strength and load-bearing capacity of lightweight concrete limits their use, and therefore, lightweight concrete without metal frames and armored belts is practically not used for capital construction. However, due to the constant change in the forms and types of lightweight concrete, in the near future, scientists will probably be able to minimize the shortcomings, which will make this product one of the main building materials of the future.

Heavy concrete is used everywhere and is by far the most durable and common type of concrete. All monolithic elements of buildings and structures are made of heavy concrete. Excellent strength characteristics, unpretentiousness when feeding and laying, affordable price – all these serious advantages make heavy concrete practical and popular. Heavy concrete is less effective only for the installation of walls and light ceilings, i.e. where it is necessary to reduce heat loss due to the materials used.

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Asphalt Houston: Concrete Paving

Enterprise Commercial Paving is one of Houston’s most trustworthy concrete paving contractors, providing a vast collection of concrete paving services. Our business leading concrete paving equipment & experience have made Enterprise Commercial Paving the choice of many commercial and government entities for their concrete paving needs.

Enterprise Commercial Paving is one of Houston’s most trustworthy concrete paving contractors,Guest Posting providing a vast collection of concrete paving services. Our business leading concrete paving equipment & experience have made Enterprise Commercial Paving the choice of many commercial and government entities for their concrete paving needs.

Abe paving has the equipment, experience, and know-how to handle even the biggest concrete paving projects, & of course get the job done right.

What are the benefits of concrete paving?

Concrete paving is becoming more & more well known. Concrete pavement provides long-lasting sturdiness & needs fewer repairs than asphalt pavement. Concrete is less prone to damage than asphalt, making the renowned “pot hole” a thing of the past. Concrete too provides better & longer lasting skid resistance than asphalt, & is usually less slippery compared with asphalt in wet conditions, making it an all around safer merchandise.

Concrete pavement is generally regarded as being more remarkable than asphalt and frequently adds more worth to an existing property than comparable asphalt paving. Concrete pavement is as well more ecologically friendly than asphalt. Concrete is a 100 percent recyclable product & does not discharge any petroleum odors or oils into the air or into the environment.

Parking lots that are cemented with concrete have considerably reduced surface temperatures due to the concrete reflecting sunlight that would be rapt by asphalt pavement.

Concrete asphalt road does come at a higher opening price tag than asphalt, but studies have revealed that concrete will truly end up costing the customer less than asphalt in the long run.

Asphalt Houston: Houston Concrete Paving Contractors

From driving a parking lot to striping the lines, Enterprise Commercial Paving is your one-stop shop for all of your concrete paving needs.

Make Enterprise Commercial Paving your pick for your next concrete paving project. For a concrete paving estimate kindly fill out the form on this page or give us a meaningful call at 713-432-7500.

Able Paving’s Concrete Paving Services:

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Concrete Parking Lots

Concrete Paving

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Marking and Line Striping

Sports Courts



Even though concrete is one of the most tough and lowest repairs paving surfaces, overtime it will possible experience some damage due to the natural settling of the ground & other influences.

It is vital that concrete damage be repaired suitably to make sure that the same problem does not pop up once more a few months down the road. Enterprise Commercial Paving is one of the most highly regarded concrete repair contractors in Houston, providing a full selection of concrete repair services.

Buckles and crack in concrete is not merely hideous but as well dangerous. Damaged concrete is frequently cited as a contributor to injuries and accidents that take place in parking lots or other cemented surfaces.

Concrete repair can be a difficult task in some instances. It is vital that any concrete repair contractor look to the source of the setback, before merely repairing the damage. Not finding the cause of damage will frequently lead to even more expensive repairs in the near future, while apt concrete repair should last for many years to come.

At Enterprise Commercial Paving we pride ourselves on being one the best concrete pavement contractors that Houston has to provide and it shows in the work we do. Our determined dedication to getting the work done right and close attention to detail sets us separately from other Houston concrete revamp contractors.

It is vital to address concrete damage rapidly, as small problems can become even larger and more expensive to repair very fast if left unattended.

If your tangible parking lot or other concrete surface is starting to show signs of damage Enterprise Commercial Paving can assist. For a concrete refurbish estimate please give us a call at 713-432-7500.

The Application of Expansion Concrete in Steel Pipe

Concrete steel tube is pouring concrete into steel tube and compacted to increase the strength and stiffness of steel pipe, which is to point to in the steel tube filled concrete and formation, and its core concrete and steel can withstand external loads common structural members, according to section forms can be divided into circular steel tubes, square, rectangular steel pipe concrete and concrete polygon.

Concrete pipe is a combination of steel and concrete materials. When concrete filled steel tubular axial compression,Guest Posting before approaching limit load, on the one hand, the volume becomes large steel pipes bound due to the generation of micro cracks in the concrete core, in a three-way complex stress state under pressure to improve the bearing capacity of concrete; On the other hand, after the steel tube filled with concrete, it reinforced steel geometric stability to avoid or delay the local buckling of steel. Such compressive strength of concrete steel pipe and concrete compressive strength was significantly greater than the simple sum.
The formation of expansive concrete filled steel pipe into a better form of expansive concrete composite structures. Expansive concrete common is added alunite classes in ordinary concrete expansion agent, producing crystalline sulphoaluminate caused swelling. The expansion of steel tube confined concrete due to the presence of ettringite generated in the expansion of the role of being able to squeeze into the pores and crystalline calcium silicate with fibrous woven into a mesh, so that the organizational structure of cement more is dense, the mechanical properties has been some improvement. At the beginning of the concrete core, it is in charge of lateral compression by the state, which can make steel concrete confining force appeared too late defects. In the initial expansion of the concrete pipe under load, the steel and concrete walls to withstand external loads each joint stiffness. Under stress is small, can be approximated by the elastic properties of the concrete. When CFST long axial compression, core concrete creep occurs, leading to unload concrete, steel force increases. Core concrete longitudinal compression and lateral deformation were increased, making the load and stress redistribution between steel and concrete. Between steel and concrete due to the lead core concrete creep load decreases, and will lead to increased confining force, so late creep decreases. Than ordinary concrete reinforced concrete and steel, the overall effect of creep of concrete pipe expansion is not very prominent.
Weakness of high-strength concrete is brittle, ductile poor, which hinders its practical engineering application, especially in complex stress state, controlled by brittle failure, the reliability of its work is greatly reduced. If high strength steel pipe concrete poured concrete forming high strength carbon steel pipe, high strength concrete pipe are effectively bound, which will greatly enhance the ductility. In addition, under complex stress state, steel has a strong shear and torsional capability, so that it can effectively overcome the brittleness and ductility of high strength concrete difference weaknesses through a combination of both. Expansive concrete pipe in the early Loaded confining force greater axial compression, the ordinary steel in concrete by the early Dutch trend, steel and concrete Poisson’s ratio is different, both from each other there. Mixed with bulking agents, so that by the early Dutch have a large concrete pipe confining force, the concrete in the three-state pressure to improve the compressive strength of concrete to maximize the mechanical properties of steel concrete. High modulus of elasticity of concrete pipe expansion, favorable for the long columns bearing steel concrete structures mostly have large slenderness ratio, so the damage is mainly controlled by the stable. Thus, the elastic modulus of concrete pipe is especially important to improve, improve the elastic modulus can be a corresponding increase in stability capacity of steel concrete.

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